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In January 1949 at the age of 33, arrived in Venezuela Mr. Augusto Marazzato, founder of Palma Real C.A. He began performing different trades, until thanks to his experience in manufacture and his ample vision of opportunity, he detected the existence of a gap in the cleaning productsπ market. Brooms, for example, "in Venezuela were not manufactured like in Italy".

In 1953, Mr. Marazzato inaugurated the first quarter of Palma Real C.A. in Boleita. This marked the beginnings of an industry that has evolved solidly through more than five decades.

30 kilograms (66 pounds aprox.) of palm leaves were used to elaborate the first 200 brooms, which were hand sewn and had a cost of 3.50 bolivares each. The sale of these first pieces permitted, not only to recover the original investment, but also to obtain profits that were used to acquire a bigger quantity of raw material for a second and more important production.

Soon, it was possible to import from Italy the first semiautomatic sewing machine, which would then be substituted by molds and samples for the manufacturing of plastic brooms. These had immediate acceptance in the Venezuelan market.

In 1968 Palma Real C.A. quarters were moved to Filas de Mariches, were the factory still stands today.


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