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La Palma Real C.A. is an industry devoted to the development, manufacture and marketing of cleaning tools adaptable to all kinds of environments; open to commercial and / or manufacture agreements in Venezuela or abroad, and with high profitability standards that ensure reinvestment.



We are an industry of high quality cleaning products, leader in the market, dynamic and in constant innovation, focused in the continuous improvement of productivity. Our human resources are specialized in the use of technologies that lead to social wellbeing and that pursue economic growth, assuring high competitive standards. We have a clear sense of our usersπ needs and we satisfy their requirements offering an effective and reliable service.

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QUALITY: in the commitment to our consumers, who are our best witnesses to the evolution and the sustained growth of our organization.

RESPONSABILITY: that has made us worthy of our clientsπ respect, and can be verified in the transparency of our financial management, and the flow of our marketing strategies.

INNOVATION: evidenced in the creation of a solid platform that sustains our position of leadership in the market; in our capacity to adapt to new situations, and in our constant creativity, key to the perfect balance between the usefulness and attractive appearance of our products.

LOYALTY: in the strong sense of belonging that unites us as a team, and in the respect we have for our clients and country, by manufacturing quality products for export recognized with the label: La Palma Real, made in Venezuela.